Welcome Hec-Ras 5.0.5


  • Thanks USACE: a helpful step in a good direction for Catchment Process Analysis
  • ‘5.0.5’  enhances sub-catchment RAS-Flood approach to spatially-variable-rain-on-2Dmesh
  • Open source code: just add lidar & rainfall to quantify FRM opportunity
  • Not least, Atrepo’s 1000 km2 Upper Severn project (below) is more responsive


 Calibration Survey          2D Event Analysis          Catchment Process 
  Click here for flood-map 5Dec2015    

In the meantime, also :

  • improved slope transfer across cells
  • more versatile 2D to 2D connection
  • Defra benchmarking
  • effective macro-opportunity-mapping by roughness control


  • So roll on 2019 and 5.0.6  (c/w  moving storm across whole catchment 2D area)

Acknowledgements   – ‘ALFA’  courtesy EU/NERC  – ATREPO (in-house)


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